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Screen Gems
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New Releases April

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
With the remake hitting the theaters later this month, it's surely a good time to look at the original that first stirred up all the fuss. To be frank, it wasn't just the racy subject matter that grabbed everyones attention in Stanley Kramer's 1967 original, it was also the promise of Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburn magic ...and newcomer, Sidney Poitier of course.

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Although it started as a radio play on the BBC, it was in fact the original television miniseries that turned this Douglas Adams curiosity into a cultural phenomenum. One can't appreciate the absolute lunacy of THGTTG without being intimately familiar with that original BBC TV Production.

Coming Soon

Groundhog Day
The collaboration between Bill Murray and Ivan Reitman has provided many classic comedies of the 20th Century. From Stripes, to the Ghostbusters, to what many consider, their best collaboration of all. While there's a dearth of original good comedies around, let's go back and revel in Groundhog Day.


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