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is a 21st Century production and distribution media group specifically established to pioneer and mature the development of Microcasting.

It develops and produces tightly focused radio and television programming specifically designed to be distributed via on-line ‘syndication’ … taking full advantage of the ability of technology to democratize media production and distribution.

It syndicates programs and series that are either ‘company-produced’, or distributed on behalf of third-parties, and although it remains at the technological ‘cutting-edge’, it still subscribes to the concept that it’s the content that really ‘counts’.

It will remain true to the structure of ‘storytelling’ codified a couple of thousand years ago by the ancient Greeks, most tellingly by Aristotle in his ‘Poetics’.

The principals behind the group have many years experience in the production of narrative feature films, US Broadcast Network documentaries, digital video and audio development and newspaper and magazine publishing.

will forever be an entity that ‘prays at the altar of content’, and radiating those ideas and opinions throughout the cosmos.