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Appreciating classic cinema and television as characterized and cherished by Renny Manne, host and author of this weekly program.

Enjoy Manne’s unique ‘take’ and ‘delivery’ … then treasure the ‘screenings’ again and again.

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Radio In The Round

Take one of the key issues of the week, whether it be in the sphere of Politics, Business or the Arts, and invite four of the principal experts in the field to pontificate, elucidate … and hopefully just make sense of the subject in an insightful and dynamic discussion.

Hosted and moderated by writer and journalist, Jay Peigh, Radio In The Round will help you see outside of the square.





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The Boomer's Guide to ...

Introducing a series of informative and entertaining programs dedicated to the 'Baby Boomers' ...all of us born between 1946 and 1964.

As we are now entering middle-age and beyond, living 'younger' and 'longer' than any generation before, we are affecting our communities dramatically, but more importantly, we are facing a brave new world of pitfalls and opportunities.

We may have started the ‘Jogging’ craze, but at this stage of our lives Power Walking has to be the way to ‘go’.

Each episode of The Boomer's Guide series will be dedicated to one subject within the following topics;

  • Health (Physical Fitness, Mental Vigor, Sexual Performance etc)
  • Technology (Home DV Editing, Digital Photo Albums etc)
  • Finances (Retirement Planning, Playing The Markets at Home etc)
  • Recreation (Games for the Young At Heart, Travel, Buying a New Car etc)

Each episode will be released on a monthly basis as both a subscribable video file (able to be downloaded or Microcast) as well as a high quality retail DVD.

In the next couple of months we'll post an XML link for the RSS 2.0 feed and the first episode of The Boomer’s Guide To … will be on your desktop in no time.

Stay Tuned.